7.20. Using IDERI note in a workgroup environment

While IDERI note is primarily targeted towards enterprise environments that use Active Directory®, it can also be successfully implemented in a workgroup environment. All that is necessary is that you carefully synchronize user names and password of users on client workstations and the computer that is running the IDERI note server. After all, this is the primary functionality and the advantage that a domain in AD has over a workgroup, and in the absence of a domain, someone else has to fulfill this task. Not only have user names and passwords to be kept in sync, the users also have to be valid users on the computer where the IDERI note service is running. If this requirement can be fulfilled, IDERI note will operate in a similar way in a workgroup environment as in an AD domain environment.

Note however, that addressing computer objects is not possible in a workgroup environment. An IDERI note client installed on such a computer will therefore automatically be downgraded to work like a client running in standard license mode. As pushing alerts to clients running in a workgroup environment is also not possible, you install the IDERI note client on workgroup computers without the push server feature (RPC server).