4. Getting Started┬Â

The following sections will show you how to work with the administrative components of IDERI note. You will get an impression of the fundamental principles of working with IDERI note from the point of view of an administrative user who creates messages or administers the IDERI note configuration. You will also learn what you should do when you first start the administrative components and how you can customize your IDERI note configuration. Throughout the next sections we will work in a hypothetical AD domain named “note.dev”. We will assume that the IDERI note server has successfully been installed on a member server with the name sv01.note.dev and that the administrative components have successfully been installed on an administrative workstation named admin01.note.dev that is also a member of this domain. We will also assume that the IDERI note client components have successfully been installed on a single client workstation named client01.note.dev.

The screenshots in this tutorial show the user interface of IDERI note Administrator as of version 2.x and have not yet been updated to version 3. The only perceivable difference between these two versions, however, is the new capability in IDERI note version 3 professional edition to select a message adressing mode, which is irrelevant for the course of this tutorial. If you want to follow along this tutorial with version 3 professional edition, set the addressing mode for the messages created throughout this tutorial to “Send message to users only”.

For an introduction to addressing modes see section 7.6.