6. Using IDERI note web┬Â

The following sections will show you how to work with IDERI note web. You will get an impression of the fundamental principles of working with IDERI note web from the point of view of an administrative user. Throughout the next sections we will work in a hypothetical AD domain named “note.dev”. We will assume that the IDERI note server has successfully been installed on a member server and that IDERI note web has successfully been installed on a windows server with the name SV01.note.dev running IIS. Furthermore we assume that the installer of IDERI note web has been used to creat an IIS web application in the Default Web Site of IIS.


IDERI note web uses IIS basic authentication by default. Using basic authentication over http is not secure as the credentials sent to the server are not encrypted. Therefore you should configure the IIS web site where IDERI note web has been installed to always use HTTPS/TLS. (See chapter