12. Appendix E - Active Directory® Changes

In order to integrate well into Active Directory® and allow Active Directory® features such as Kerberos as the preferred authentication protocol or the creation of a service connection point, which allows clients to find their server via an AD query, the IDERI note service installation makes two important changes to your Active Directory® configuration worth to be documented. Note that the changes made by the IDERI note service installation are nothing exceptional or sophisticated. Other products that are well integrated into Active Directory® like various server products (MSSQL, Exchange,...) make similar changes for the exact same purposes. In this respect, the IDERI note service installation follows well-researched practices and Microsoft’s recommendations closely and the changes are documented here only for the sake of completeness and for troubleshooting purposes. Both changes are done to the computer object of the computer where the IDERI note service is installed. This section will document the changes using the freely available tool “AD Explorer” from Microsoft. Microsoft product screen shots are reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.