1.5. New features and changes in IDERI note Version 3.6

Version 3.6 of IDERI note comes with a number of features that have been eagerly awaited by a large number of customers:

  • Addressing of message recipients via network ranges. This feature works in addition to the traditional specification of message recipients via Active Directory® security principals. In order to use this feature, network ranges must be defined with each network range consisting out of one or more IPv4 address ranges. Network ranges can be attached to an IDERI note message in order to include or exclude recipients that connect to the IDERI note server and fall into one of the network ranges associated with the message. For an introduction into this topic, read section 4.15.
  • The active connections overview in IDERI note administrator now shows the network address and the protocol being used for each connected client.
  • Introduction of the new IDERI note web component. This component implements the IDERI note REST API that can be used to query or manage an IDERI note server using standard REST functionality. Section 3.15 outlines the steps and caveats of IDERI note web installation and section 6 demonstrates basic usage of the component.
  • Beginning with build 3.6.1531, the IDERI note Hotkey Support Components allows the new variable AD.DESCRIPTION to be used, which will resolve to the Active Directory® displayName attribute of the user executing the hotkey.
  • The native IDERI note SDK has been updated to incorporate APIs that are new with IDERI note 3.5 and IDERI note 3.6.
  • Since the initial release of the IDERI note mobile client app version 3.5, a number of improvements and bugfixes have been released on the app stores for version 3.5 of the app. Most notably, the mobile app has received the ability to be configured by MDM systems using “App Restrictions” (Android) and “Managed App Configuration” (iOS). MDM system administrators are encouraged to read section 7.5 for more information on this topic.