1.22. Networking prerequisites

IDERI note expects that you are running a TCP/IP based network. For all supported OS versions, an IDERI note infrastructure can use IPv4. IPv6 can be used for clients and servers running Windows® Vista, Windows® Server 2008 or higher. In standard configuration, the IDERI note server uses the standard ports for MS RPC (remote procedure calls), ports 139 and 445, for communication from clients and administrative components to the IDERI note server. Both these two network interfaces of the IDERI note server can be customized in order to run over custom ports of your choice, should firewalling constraints require you to block network traffic over the standard ports. However, the standard ports for MS RPC are very frequently configured as exceptions in the Windows-integrated local firewall, at least in enterprise environments, because they are required for a host of other services such as file and print sharing, remote registry access, WMI, remote service access, etc...

The client components only need the exception “File and Printer Sharing” enabled in their Windows-integrated local firewall, and this exception is only required if you choose to install clients in such a way that alert messages can be sent (“pushed”) to clients immediately, which is a client components installation option.

However, all firewalling setup is taken care of automatically by the various setup packages for IDERI note so you need not bother about configuration of local client and server firewall. If you want to prevent the IDERI note setup packages from doing any changes to the Windows-integrated local firewall, you can always do so by specifying MSI properties to the setup process.