1.8. New features and changes in IDERI note Version 3.3┬Â

Version 3.3 is the first version of IDERI note that supports mobile devices running Android or iOS/iPadOS as full-fledged message recipients. All relevant modules (IDERI note administrator and IDERI note service) have been revised in order to support this new product feature. In addition to the client apps that can be found in the stores of the mobile platforms, the following two new components are required for the support of the mobile platform functionality:

  • The IDERI note Gateway component
  • The IDERI note certificates MMC snap-in

An explanation for these two components can be found in the sections 2.9 and section 2.10.

Prior to the installation of the IDERI note Gateway component, which is described in section 3.9, reading sections section 7.33 and section 7.32 is highly recommended. These two section describe the functionality and the deployment options for the IDERI note Gateway component in detail.

The download location for the Android version can be found on the Google Play Store (see figure 1.1) from the following location:


Google play store logo

Figure 1.1: Google play store logo

The download location for the iOS/iPadOS version can be found on the Apple App Store (see figure 1.2) from the following location:


Apple app store logo

Figure 1.2: Apple app store logo

Both the professional and the standard licensing modes support the mobile device functionality in IDERI note version 3.3 in the same way and require additional licensing keys to be added for mobile device support functionality. Existing version 3 licensing keys for traditional windows clients continue to work in version 3.3. The “lite” licensing mode does not support mobile devices.

The following list highlights additional changes and features in IDERI note version 3.3:

  • IDERI note Hotkey Support Components now allow messages to be created or changed to use environment variables embedded in the message text that will optionally be resolved in the context of the logged in user (version 3.3.1323 and later).