1.18. New features and changes in IDERI note Version 2.5┬Â

Apart from fixing deficiencies in the product and minor improvements, a number of changes and new functionality in IDERI note version 2.5 deserve to be mentioned. The following will give a brief overview of these changes and improvements.

IDERI note Client Components

The following list highlights the changes in the IDERI note Client Components:

  • Message history application: The IDERI note client allows the user now to view and inspect messages that have already been shown in the past or messages that will be shown in the future using the new message history application. For this purpose, the IDERI note client now shows an icon in the system notification area by default. A click with the secondary mouse button on this icon will show a context menu with an entry for the message history application.
  • The default location for the messenger style message windows on the user’s monitors can now be determined.