1.20. New features and changes in IDERI note Version 2.3

The following list will give an overview of the changes and new functionality that have been introduced in version 2.3.

IDERI note Client Components

The following list highlights the changes in the IDERI note Client Components:

  • The IDERI note Ticker is now fully integrated into the IDERI note Client. Messages can now be specified to appear in the IDERI note client popup window only, in the IDERI note Ticker only, or in both.
  • Each message can contain a single clickable link. If the user clicks on the link in the message popup window, the link will be executed. A link can point to a program, a URL or a document.
  • The IDERI note Ticker can now be customized to a great extent with respect to size, color, font and ticker speed. In addition, system buttons can be displayed on the ticker user interface that allow to hide or terminate the ticker.
  • A text start position can now be specified for the ticker text. This way, part of the ticker text can already be shown immediately after the ticker start.

IDERI note Administration Components

The following list highlights the changes in the IDERI note Administration Components:

  • During creation of a message, the message preview functionality can be used to display the message as it would appear on a client’s desktop.
  • Performance improvements for filtered message views
  • Recipients and excluded recipients can now be typed in directly instead of using the operating system’s object picker dialog.
  • Graphically enhanced overview of the message reception and acknowledgement notification statistics using pie charts.
  • Support for the newly implemented reception lists functionality of the IDERI note server version 2.3
  • IDERI note QuickNote: QuickNote is a simple graphical frontend whose sole purpose is the creation of new messages. The newly to be created message can be prefilled via an initialization file that can be passed to IDERI note QuickNote’s command line. This way, a very simple message template support is possible.

IDERI note Server Components

The following list highlights the changes in the IDERI note Server Components:

  • Reception lists: Using reception lists, it is possible to easily control on a highly granular level, which users and groups are allowed to send messages to which addressees, including settings for message importance and notification requests. Reception lists are not intended to replace the existing access control system known from IDERI note versions 2.0 through 2.2 but instead complement it in a meaningful, albeit optional manner.

IDERI note Administrative Tools

The following list highlights the changes in the IDERI note Administrative Tools:

  • Updated version of the Client Customization Wizard that allows to create a transform for the client installation
  • Updated product documentation
  • Updated Active Directory® policy templates