2.2. The IDERI note Ticker┬Â

The IDERI note ticker is a program (inotick.exe) that is run in the context of an interactively logged in user. The IDERI note ticker provides an additional means to show messages that are currently due by showing them in a stock-ticker like fashion in a window that can be docked to one of the edges of any of the user’s desktop’s monitors. The IDERI note ticker will always show all messages that are currently due and have been specified to appear in the ticker. If there are currently no messages to be displayed for the user, the IDERI note ticker will not be visible, but running in the background at lowest priority and with its working set trimmed in order to preserve system resources. If messages are due, the messages will be concatenated and scrolled from right to left (or from left to right in cultures with right to left reading order) like in a stock ticker animation on TV screens. An example of a running ticker is shown in Figure 2.2

Example of a running IDERI note ticker

Figure 2.2: Example of a running IDERI note ticker

In versions of IDERI note prior to 2.3, the ticker has been a separate component with a separate installation package. Since version 2.3, the IDERI note ticker is fully integrated into the IDERI note client.