5.2. Importing the module and connecting to a server

First we open a new PowerShell window on our workstation where we have installed the IDERI note PowerShell module. Please note, that our currently logged on user has administrative rights in IDERI note.

If you haven’t already installed the IDERI note PowerShell module, please refer to chapter 3.11 for details on how to install this module.

5.2.1. Importing the IDERI note PowerShell module

To ascertain that the IDERI note PowerShell module is available in the current session, we execute the following command:

PS> Get-Module -Name Ideri.Note -ListAvailable

Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\IDERI\IDERI note PowerShell Module

ModuleType Version    Name       ExportedCommands
---------- -------    ----       ----------------
Binary    IDERI.note {Enable-iNoteMessage, Disable-iNoteMe...

This should yield a result for the corresponding module.

Next we can import the IDERI note PowerShell module by executing the following command:

PS> Import-Module -Name Ideri.note

5.2.2. Getting available CmdLets of the module

In order to get a list of all available CmdLets of the module, we can execute the following command:

PS> Get-Command -Module Ideri.Note

CommandType     Name                        Version    Source
-----------     ----                        -------    ------
Alias           Cancel-iNoteMessage    Ideri.Note
Alias           New-iNoteMessageRevision    Ideri.Note
Alias           Restart-iNoteMessage    Ideri.Note
Alias           Stop-iNoteMessage     Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Disable-iNoteMessage    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Enable-iNoteMessage    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Get-iNoteAcknowledgement    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Get-iNoteClientConnection    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Get-iNoteLicenseInformation    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Get-iNoteMessage      Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Get-iNoteMessageIndex    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Get-iNoteMessageRevision    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Get-iNoteServerVersion    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          New-iNoteMessage      Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          New-iNoteServerConnection    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Remove-iNoteMessage    Ideri.Note
Cmdlet          Set-iNoteMessage      Ideri.Note

Now that we know which CmdLets are available for usage, we can start working with them.

5.2.3. Connecting to the IDERI note server

As shown in chapter 5.2.2, the IDERI note PowerShell module includes a CmdLet named New-iNoteServerConnection. As the name suggests, we can use this to create a new connection to our IDERI note server.

PS> New-iNoteServerConnection -ComputerName sv01.note.dev

The example above shows that we have created a new connection to our server named ‘sv01.note.dev’. We do not need to specify any additional parameters as our PC is joined to the same domain as the IDERI note server and our current user has administrative rights with respect to IDERI note.

If we want to connect to the server using different credentials, we can e.g. specify alternate credentials with the following call:

PS> New-iNoteServerConnection -ComputerName sv01.note.dev `
    -Credential (Get-Credential)

This will prompt us for the credentials before connecting to the IDERI note server.

If the connection succeeds, session information will be saved in a variable named $IDERInoteServerSession.

PS> $IDERInoteServerSession

Servername    : sv01.note.dev
Username      :
Domain        :
Password      :
UseNamedPipes : True
TCPPort       : 0